With the increasing population, industrial growth and insufficiency of city planning, the protection of ecological cycle and maintenance of a safe and healthy environment become a major concern.

According to the environmentalists there are two main considerations related to the solution of pollution and waste.
The first is to minimize the creation and usage of substances which have adverse effects on the environment, and also to promote the usage of nonhazardous chemicals.
The second is the control through use of treatment plants of toxic substances produced by industry. The selection of advanced techniques will lead to the recycling and reuse of water and other wastes.

Meksan Çevre was established in Istanbul in 1991, in order to find solutions to environmental issues being faced both by Turkey and throuhgout the world.

The objective of Meksan Çevre is to produce the best technological solutions in the areas of water and wastewater treatment, air pollution, solid waste, treatment equipment production, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment and other fields by means of its knowledge and experienced team.

Knowing that you and Meksan Çevre share the same environmental aim, we would be very pleased to hear from you and to help you solve your related problems.