The management and disposal of residues from industrial operations related to treatment plants has assumed an important role in today's society.
Because of the nature of each type of industry, the quantity and the characteristics of residue produced, differs significantly. Consequently, it is necessary to identify and develop treatment techniques for each specific industry.


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In order to decide the applications for treatment techniques, the selection of polluting parameters within the production specifications of each industry is important.
Industrial wastewater can be classified into 4 categories. Production wastewater, cooling water, domestic wastewater used by employees, rain and cleaning water.
Since wastewater generated in these various specifications have different features, they will also be treated by different techniques.


In order to consider treatment alternatives of industrial waste, basic resources of pollutants should be established and wastewater quantity should be reduced according to production phase. Meksan Çevre offers complete and efficient treatment methods and techniques for different industrial sectors such as food, textiles, chemicals, pulp and paper, metals, etc. The company has successfully performed numerous turnkey projects in water and wastewater treatment.

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Treatment processes including physical, chemical and biological types have been successfully applied to different types of industry. Our fields of activity also consist of advanced treatment techniques.